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Creating HDAX Therapeutics Branding and Visual Identity

Reciprocal Space has perfectly captured our rebranding vision and turned it into a reality - expertise in design and scientific knowledge made us choose Reciprocal Space.

Dr Pimyupa Manaswiyoungkul

COO • HDAX Therapeutics

Dr Mikael Contrastin

CEO • EG 427

Working with the Reciprocal Space team has been an exciting journey. They combine a unique skillset of science, communication and design leading to highly relevant outputs.

The website was built upon the brand identity we established for HDAX, utilising gradients, lines and connections to create a unique and interactive experience that truly stands out. The striking hero animation is the first thing users see when they visit the HDAX therapeutics website. The short CGI animation captures the central role HDAC6 plays in modulating the cellular microtubular network.


Therapeutic HDAC6 targeting

Branding • Website • Hero Animation • Infographics

HDAX Therapeutics is a Canadian pre-clinical biotech company focusing on the specific targeting of HDAC6 protein - a histone deacetylase associated with neuropathies and inflammation.


As they sought to attract investors and biopharma partners they required a distinct and impactful brand and website that spoke to their entrepreneurial, collaborative and innovative approach to drug targeting.

As a key part of branding, we wanted the logo to be a unique and easily identifialbe feature of the HDAX Therapeutics brand. The unique 2-site HDAC binding modality of their drug platform was integrated into the logo by docking the 'H' and 'D' characters. While the 'X' was transformed into a target motif.

Stunning Website Design with Interactive Infographics and CGI Animations

We began by branding the company’s visual identity to align with the concept of precise and revolutionary drug targeting for specific therapeutic indications. 

Contact us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

Let us take your company to the next level

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