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A dedicated multi-disciplinary team

We are a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, designers, artists and animators. Reciprocal Space is where science and art converge. This is where the magic happens and ideas become reality.

Our team are passionate and energetic professionals who love working with complex scientific and technological concepts and showing them in a new light to engage audiences. 



Dr Michal S Barski

Director and Co-founder

Michal has a PhD in Structural Biology from the University of St Andrews. Prior to founding Reciprocal Space, he completed his postdoctoral research in virology at Imperial College London. With over 10 years experience in the science & tech sector, Michal oversees the work of the incredibly dynamic and multi-disciplinary team at Reciprocal Space and provides scientific expertise to deliver projects at the highest design quality and scientific accuracy.


Yaatzil Ceballos Fernandez

Creative Director and Co-founder

Yaatzil is a cross-disciplinary designer trained in graphic and narrative design, photography and architecture. Prior to joining Reciprocal Space, she completed her MA in Narrative Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. Yaatzil leads the creative process at Reciprocal Space from initial concept to completion. She is an endless source of creativity and inspiration for the entire design team.


Graphic designers


Our team of talented designers have vast experience in developing graphics / web design / UX / Illustration / motion graphics

3D Modeling team


Our team of dedicated artists prepare bespoke 3D models for animations, illustrations, interactive and VR/AR experiences.

Animation team


Breathtaking animations are created by our experienced team of award-winning experts. Crafted uniquely for your needs.

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We work closely with consultants in marketing, digital technology, AI, finance and the arts, as neccessitated by the project