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Mechanism of Action     ●     Device Showcase Animations     ●     Explainer Animation
Pitch Decks     ●     Investor Teaser (One-pager)    ●    Digital Brochures
Scale-up Website Redesign     ●     Start-up (One-pager)    ●    Research Labs Website
Corporate Visual Identity revamp     ●     Start-up Basic Branding    ●    Brand Guidelines

Make a great first impression on investors, stakeholders, and collaborators through a professional online presence.


Websites designed by Reciprocal Space take advantage of our deep expertise with a wide range of design techniques. Our designs incorporate stunning 3D animations, motion graphics, scientific illustrations and visual branding strategies to maximise the impact of your website on audiences.


Your website will be optimised not only for clarity but also for user interface and experience. We provide an end-to-end solution: from initial planning to the final implementation and a custom CMS system to ensure downstream compatibility and easy maintenance.

We create unique branding and visual identity for our life science and tech clients. A well-balanced, coherent visual identity that is well-aligned with the product and company goals is essential for success. Branding has the power to create the credibility and status of your brand that will help you secure funding, build collaborations and win clients.


We accommodate various branding requirements, from the most basic branding for early start-up to rebranding and brand guideline creation.

Journal Covers     ●     Hero Images for Websites    ●    Social Media Banners

Innovative companies keep generating ever greater amounts of data. Presenting key data to stakeholders, investors and collaborators can be a daunting task. Our bespoke designs allow you to communicate complex data while impressing and informing audiences with stunning imagery.

Explain complex concepts in a single illustration, poster, cover or banner. These are a great, affordable way of visual communication for early life science and tech start-ups as well as for public research institutions.


Illustrations can be easily plugged into your website, pitch deck, report or article.

Data Visualisation     ●     Processes and Workflow Visuals    ●    Diagrams and Graph Designs
Product and Devices     ●     Labs and Office    ●    Team Portraits

Why use stock imagery for your website or presentation if you can have your own? We offer professional photography services, for example portrait photography of your team, on-site sessions at laboratories, offices and events as well as product photography.

A pitch deck can make or break business introductions and presentations. It is a visual tool to support and guide your pitch and therefore by definition has to be visual. But navigating through complex data, scientific diagrams and terminology, the visual strength is difficult to achieve.

Our expert team of designers, scientists and 3D artists use years of expertise to carefully craft bespoke decks that clearly and efficiently communicate your company, its goals and technology.

Our PhD-trained scientists begin with thorough research to understand your technology which becomes the solid foundation for all designs by the Reciprocal Space team. The deck will be prepared specifically for the type of audience you interact with to maximise impact.

We accommodate a wide range of requirements for teaser, short, long pitch decks as well as brochures and sales collateral.

Animation is the most efficient way to quickly showcase and explain your products, devices and technology. We create high-end animations that are bespoke to every client and can be easily plugged into your pitch deck, website, and sent to prospective investors, clients and collaborators.


Innovation is hard. It is even harder for people outside of your company to understand your innovation and its unique USP. With a short animation, you can achieve this understanding in a matter of minutes. For life science and tech start-ups, an animation is also a time machine. It can visualise your finished product and its future impact.

Whether you are developing a pharmaceutical, a medical device, a biotech or healthtech platform, your product deserves an animation. It will ensure that you never miss any business opportunity to fund, promote and expand your company.

Reciprocal Space offers a comprehensive range of visual design services. Whether you are an early start-up or a public corporation, we've got your needs covered. From small projects to integrative solutions incorporating a wide range of visual strategies to generate impact.

We equip the world's most innovative companies with the visual communication tools required to take them to the next level.

Contact us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

Let us take your company to the next level

Contact us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

Let us take your company to the next level

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