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What our clients say

Kristen Albright, PharmB

CEO • Prokarium

Reciprocal Space’s entrepreneurial mindset and effective communication skills were truly impressive, and they consistently delivered on time.

Kristen Albright
Dr George Easow 

Associate Vice President • Nuclera

These guys are not only great at designing but they listen to my needs and have a good grasp of biology and how to present it to communicate what I want exactly to my viewers. I am using them for all my graphical needs!

Dr Agnieszka Janeczek

CEO • Renovos Biologics

The Reciprocal Space team quickly understood our needs, both from a technical and graphics perspective, and really listened at each of the iterative steps, working very swiftly to apply our comments.

Dr Mikaël Contrastin

VP Strategy • EG 427

Working with the Reciprocal Space team has been an exciting journey. They combine a unique skillset of science, communication and design leading to highly relevant outputs.

Dr Mikaël Contrastin
Dr Pimyupa Manaswiyoungkul

COO • HDAX Therapeutics

Reciprocal Space has perfectly captured our rebranding vision and turned it into a reality - expertise in design and scientific knowledge made us choose Reciprocal Space.

Dr Pimyupa Manaswiyoungkul
Robert Klein

CEO • Addition Therapeutics

Working with the Reciprocal team has been fantastic. They have a unique combination of animation technical expertise and deep biological knowledge. That is a truly unique set of skillsets that made it very easy to express what we were looking for.

Dr Mike Davies

CEO • Carocell Bio

Michal and his team are unique in the expertise and knowledge that they have. Reciprocal Space developed excellent graphics for us. We wil be back.


We work across the life sciences

Early Stage Startups

We are proud to support many early-stage start-ups in the Biotech, Medtech and Pharma sector. Visuals produced by Reciprocal Space have been used to successfully raise seed funding.

SMEs and Corporations

All the way from series A to post-IPO, from pre-clinical to product launch, we have been providing our clients with the best, high-quality visuals to explain and showcase.

We work with universities, institutes, technology transfer offices, incubators and accelerators to support the communication of some of the most cutting-edge primary.

Research-led Institutions


We are trusted by the world's leading innovators in

Prokarium Bacterium
Bacterial immunotherapy platform


BioTech / Mid-stage

London, UK

Gene therapy for bladder cancer

CG Oncology

BioTech / Late-stage

Irvine, USA

Therapeutic HDAC6 targeting

HDAX Therapeutics

BioPharma / Early-stage

Toronto, Canada • Boston, USA 

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