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We further developed a visual identity for the Santersus brand. The logo represents a design spin on a canonical DNA structure, underlining the unusual nature of the NET DNA, while the colour scheme transpires the boldness of Santersus’ therapeutic approach. 

We then designed the corporate pitch deck for Santersus using the imagery developed for the animation and merged it with clear and coherent data presentation and infographics to ensure efficient messaging to both investor and scientific audiences.


Pinpoint Gene Therapy

Branding • Website • Device Showcase Animation • Pitch Deck • Investor Teaser • Social Media Banners

Visual communication is especially important for companies developing medical technologies. This is why we were engaged by the Swiss MedTech company Santersus to clearly visualise their complex technology of blood purification.

During infection, blood cells release excessive amounts of DNA which can form web-like structures called NETs. These can cause serious diseases like sepsis. Santersus’ device is able to cleanse blood plasma of NETs, restoring the balance.

Branding mock-up for biotech
Infographic for a medical device
A website homepage for a biotech company
Mobile webpage for a Biotech company
Logo design for biotech company
Branding for Santersus
Medical device blood purification

Device Animation


We developed a narrated CGI animation to first explain how NETs are formed and how they cause disease. Then, the device itself is shown in action, where we take a deep dive into its components and how they filter the patient’s blood. As in this case - 3D animation is usually the only way to show the inner mechanical and molecular workings of a medical device and explain them clearly and attractively.

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Contact us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

Contact us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

Let us take your company to the next level

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