Reciprocal Space wins 2022 MUSE Creative Award for Animation

5 Mar 2022

Every year MUSE Creative Awards recognise the best creative studios and artists in the world.

They are one of the most prestigious international recognitions in the world of design and creative marketing. We are thrilled to announce that Reciprocal Space has won the 2022 MUSE Creative Award in the category Medical Animation. We received the highest honour - the platinum statuette.

The awarded project was commissioned by Carocell Bio - a pioneering startup from Manchester (UK), which is developing novel therapies for inflammatory diseases. The mechanism-of-action animation which we wrote, designed and developed at the Reciprocal Space studio for Carocell Bio explains the therapeutic effect of anti-inflammatory peptides that target and inhibit MAPK kinases resulting in reduction of inflammation. This therapeutic approach has a huge potential for the treatment of eczema, burns and scarring.

Each year silver, gold and platinum statuettes are awarded by the International Awards Association in New York. Some other projects awarded this year were a Billie Eilish video, an animation for Mercedes-Benz AG-Benz and a marketing campaign for GE Healthcare, among many other fantastic projects.