How to make a visual impact at the
JPM Healthcare Conference

15th Nov 2022

From the 9th until the 12th of January 2023, the world's industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology entrepreneurs and investors will join together in San Francisco for the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference - the largest healthcare investment symposium in the industry.


What are the ways in which your company's technology can stand out during this key event?

What is the JPM Healthcare Conference?

The JPM Healthcare Conference is an annual conference for healthcare industry specialists that attracts hundreds of companies and healthcare providers, ranging from start-ups to established companies with over $300 billion in market capitalisation in the biotech, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Over the past 40 years, the JPM conference has grown to be one of the most significant healthcare symposiums in the industry.  


This is why it is especially important for investment-seeking companies to make a strong impression at the event with powerful visual design. In the current, highly-competitive market, how you present and communicate your products, developments and research is key to attracting investors, clients and collaborators. Your groundbreaking technology, together with an impactful visual communication strategy, are the key to stand out as a business. Scientific animation and cutting-edge visuals can instantly attract investors, collaborators and potential clients to your product or research and explain your technology in the most efficient and professional way.

How can you stand out at the JPM Conference?

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Our team at Reciprocal Space creates the most cutting-edge visual communication strategies for biotech, medical and pharmaceutical companies. Professional and masterfully designed visuals will help communicate your research effectively and establish your visual identity as a brand, attracting people to your booth at the conference.

We provide a range of services that will enhance the user experience and put your device or research in the spotlight. Such experiences are ideal for the booth design or large monitors as part of the booth; attracting investors, collaborators and potential clients, taking their engagement with you and your technology to the next level.

Our previous collaborations

Reciprocal Space is an award-winning visual design and animation studio specialised in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical sector. We have worked with many companies in the field, developing animations, branding, infographics, illustrations, website and more, to build our clients' brand identity and communicate their innovative technologies.


We would love to help you make the most out of your visual presence at the upcoming JPM Conference as well!

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We have recently worked with Radiomics - helping them with the visual showcase of their innovative AI medical platform through breathtaking 3D animations and illustrations.

The JPM Healthcare Conference is approaching - it is not too late to schedule a meeting with our expert team if you want to collaborate with us to create an impactful visual communication strategy for your company.


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