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3D model of HSV virus

High-grade CGI animations were developed to showcase the production of the HSV vector, it’s mechanism-of-action and intended therapeutic use. These animations are not only an incredibly efficient way to introduce the company at meetings and conferences but they have also became the centre point for our website design for EG 427. The short, looped animation showcasing the architecture of the HSV viral vector occupying the header of the landing page makes a great first impression on visitors and is an identifier of the technology.

The theme was then implemented throughout EG 427’s marketing and communications assets such as the pitch deck, website and infographics.


Pinpoint Gene Therapy

Brand Refresh • Website • MoA Animation • Pharma Partnering Deck

EG 427 is a Paris-based gene therapy start-up developing precision molecular therapies for chronic diseases. Reciprocal Space was engaged by EG 427 to provide bespoke visual communication of their gene therapy platform and its therapeutic potential. It was vital for our client to communicate this efficiently to investors, patients and partners as their lead asset was about to enter clinical trials.

We began by rebranding the company’s visual identity to align with the concept of precise, selective cell targeting for specific therapeutic indications. The HSV viral vector used for the gene delivery was an inspiration for various elements forming the unique visual theme we developed for EG 427. 

pitch deck design for biotech company
infographic of HSV virus
data graphs pitch deck biotech
gene therapy pitch deck
3D image of HSV virus
biotech platform for website
Logo design for EG 427
infographic for biotech company
pipeline graphic for website

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Contact us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

Contact us via email, phone or through our social media channels!

Let us take your company to the next level

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