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Brand Design

In the age of screens and social media, brand design is more important than ever. From pitching to investors to building assets for your website, it is essential to have a strong, coherent, and unified presence. We at Reciprocal Space understand the needs of companies in the biotech and life sciences sector when it comes to creating and elevating visual identity.

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Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo is a critical part of your company’s identity. It has a very important role to play, as it represents what you do and who you are as a brand. We design fitting logos for startups and established brands.

Color Palette

It is important to not only choose the best colors for your brand, but to have consistency and unity across your visual presence. Our designers create the best color palettes, templates, and guides for your brand identity.

Branding Design Typography


A typeface can say a lot about a brand, and the power of text cannot be overlooked when it comes to design. It is essential to use typography in a way that properly fits your brand.


A look and feel to the different possibilities of applications of your company identity, from stationary to email signature and brand merchandising. All you need to communicate your company values in all channels. 

Branding Applications

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